Excluding companies for social and environmental reasons doesn’t necessarily produce real impact, especially for racial inequality.

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As a white, 30-something woman who only recently started to save for retirement, I felt late to investing when I opened my first Etrade.com account in August 2020. I deposited some money and started exploring my options. But apart from a few sectors that I’d decided to rule out — fossil fuels, weapons, and mining — I wasn’t sure how to approach investing from an ethical perspective. Investing for investing’s sake might improve my finances, but if the unintended side effects are climate change, war, and colonization, I’m not exactly sold on the idea.

There are more investing options than…

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I’m a full-time content marketing writer for sustainable businesses and I find the work I do fascinating. I want to tell you why.

When I started doing SEO keyword research in Ahrefs two years ago, I had writing assignments that ranged from explainers on conscious consumerism to listicles on ways to earn money for recycling. Now, I’m working with B2B clients on topics ranging from climate data to sustainability software. For every piece of content I write, I do SEO keyword research.

With every bit of research I’ve conducted — for over 200 pieces of content — the picture I…

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The phrase #buildbackbetter is everywhere right now. Joe Biden is using it to describe his proposed stimulus package. A variation on it, #rebuildbetter, has been used by the US solar industry in a joint letter to congress asking for an extension of the Solar Tax Credit. And, of course, it’s being used by governments abroad, too. The UK, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and the OECD have used the phrase in reference to green recovery plans.

But where did the phrase “build back better” come from? And did it always refer to “green” recovery?

Sendai Framework

It turns out that Build…

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Language shapes how we think about issues in our world. Choosing the right words to center our discussions matters. This is why The Guardian chose to update its style guide for climate change last year:

Instead of “climate change” the preferred terms are “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” and “global heating” is favoured over “global warming”, although the original terms are not banned.

Leaders had agreed on the urgency for world leaders to take action with the publication of the IPCC Report on 1.5 degrees of Global Warming. …

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Here is my step-by-step process for using Upwork to your advantage.

Upwork is a platform which connects freelancers to job posters. The job posters are businesses or individuals who request work in a variety of fields from computer programming to translation. I used it to offer my writing, SEO and editing services.

Why I’m Writing This

I earned over $10,000 on Upwork last year (2019), and was generally happy with my experience. That said, I won’t likely go back to Upwork now that I’ve moved on.

When I started using Upwork, I mostly used it as a means to develop my portfolio. …

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A new report by the University of California Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy outlines a feasible plan for 90% decarbonization of the energy grid by 2035 in the US.

90% Decarbonization is not unrealistic

So, what this means is the entire bulk energy grid would derive from the following sources: renewable energy (primarily wind and solar using battery storage) at 70% and existing hydropower and nuclear energy plants at 20%.

Under this scenario all energy from coal would end by 2035, and no new fossil fuel plants would be added to the energy grid.

As Greentech Media’s The Energy Gang points out, this plan…

Why your green job search should start on Climatebase.

Where are green jobs and climate change jobs?
Where are green jobs and climate change jobs?

If you’ve ever searched for a “sustainability” job or a “climate change” job on Indeed or ZipRecruiter, you may have been disappointed. Some of the jobs linked to these keywords are available at companies whose core function serves the fossil fuel economy.

For example, I typed in the search terms “Sustainability climate change” on Indeed today, and found a natural gas company Inspection QA/QD job in the search results. This shows how most job posting platforms fail to accommodate a job searcher’s intent when it comes to green jobs.

A job search site that promotes climate solutions

One company’s free web platform aims to solve this problem: Climatebase

Last week, climate twitter had a heyday sharing this remark: “climate change needs to hire coronavirus’s publicist.” That’s because governments around the world are responding to the coronavirus with sweeping aid packages, bail-outs and awareness-spreading messaging. It has all happened quickly, with the sense of urgency that the climate crisis has never received.

Remember when the milkman would deliver milk to everyone’s doorsteps in the neighborhood? Okay, let’s face it, you’re probably too young to remember that. But maybe your parents or grandparents told you about it.

Now that our waste crisis is mounting, many companies are considering ways to go back to the milkman model. Moriondo Coffee wants to do something similar, but with coffee.

Essentially, by joining its coffee membership, you won’t get coffee delivered to your door (it might not stay hot that way). Instead, you’ll get a sleek black cube that spits out single serve coffee. …

Just as we’ve evolved over time to embrace single use design, now we face the challenge to transform business as usual to lead to more eco-friendly consumption models. That’s where the circular economy comes in.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about five brilliant circular economy examples that will broaden your understanding of the incredible strategies for innovation that close the waste loop.

What is the circular economy?

The circular economy rethinks our consumer and business culture in a way that promotes extending the longevity of products, minimizing the waste, emissions and pollution they produce, ensuring that any byproducts of manufacturing are compatible with the…

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